Barry Strejcek
Celebration of Life:

August 15, 2023

01. Chalice Lighting: Dick Bailey
02. Threshold Singers: "Arms of Grace"; "Into the Heart of One"
03. Welcome: Rev. Takahashi
04. "The Cost" (Dorothy Monroe) read by Penny Hackett-Evans
05. Eulogy: Rev. Takahashi
06. Kier Strejcek
07. Nathan Strejcek
08. Megan Owens, and for Mardi Mucino
09. Brendan Strejcek
10. Threshold Singers: "Remember Me"
11. Grass Valley friend, Dave Tucker
12. Rossmoor neighbor, Georgette
13. Hospice caregivers Hailey Vuong & Lakeya Mulder, and Yvonne
14. Threshold Singer and friend, Ellen Doerfer
15. Rossmoor neighbor, Barbara Steck
16. "Epitaph" (Wendell Berry) read by Penny Hackett-Evans
17. Threshold Singers: "Here In Time"
18. Closing Prayer: Rev. Takahashi
19. "We Shall Overcome" Sung by All
20. Extinguishing the Chalice: Dick Bailey
21. Closing Song: "We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home" (Ram Dass) Sung by All